Fair Trade Institute: Largest Online Library of Fair Trade Publications

Posted by Chris O’Brien.

Speaking as a researcher and writer, it is a great joy to find a resource as helpful as the Fair Trade Institute library of publications on fair trade. The count as of today was 268 entries. Each and every one is a book, article or another type of publication that addresses issues directly related to fair trade.

Each entry includes a brief summary of the publication, making it a veritable gold mine for researchers like me trying to save time and find the reference materials most salient to my topic. Major shout outs to the folks at the Fair Trade Institute and the Fair Trade Resource Network for collaborating and putting this site together.


2 Responses to Fair Trade Institute: Largest Online Library of Fair Trade Publications

  1. Andhra says:

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    I am writing on behalf of the Czech Centre (Bucharest, Romania). This year we are organising the third edition of the Romanian version of One World, a documentary film festival on human rights.

    In addition to the classical pattern of the festival we want to manage to have a space with fair trade products, so that we promote not only the human rights issues, but also the possible ways to help improvement of some global aspects world. We thought fair trade is a great way to do so, by helping people in need.

    Therefore, I would be grateful if you were so kind as to help me with some information. If willing, please send me an email whenever time allows you to.

    Kind regards,

    Andhra Gafencu

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