Who Owns My Coffee?

Posted by Chris O’Brien

As I research the practices of various coffee companies, one of the challenges is to establish who owns each brand in the marketplace. It’s one thing to talk about Starbucks’ business practices, but when we do, we also need to realize that appear in the marketplace under different brands, such as Seattle’s Best.

So, in an effort to follow the tentacles to the heart of the beast, I’ve started a modest little list here of coffee companies and the brands they own. I’ll update this as I get new information – please comment if you have something to add.

Underneath the bold corporate name are some of the company’s relevant brands and principal products:

sugar, milk, coffee
Seattle’s Best sugar, milk, coffee
Tazo Tea
Ethos plastic bottles with some water in them
Hear Music CDs
Torrefazione Italia coffee shops, closed by Starbucks in 2005

Hills Bros coffee
Nescafe instant coffee
Taster’s Choice
Coffee-mate flavored sugar

KRAFT FOODS formerly owned by Altria a.k.a. Philip Morris
coffee, tea and loads of related accessories
Maxwell House
coffee, instant coffee, related accessories
decaffeinated coffee

Folgers instant, decaf, flavored, and regular coffee
Millstone bulk, decaf, flavored, regular, organic, and fair trade coffees

Douwe Egberts coffee
Senseo coffee machines and coffee
Insecticides strangely Sara Lee also markets a diverse line of insecticides under various brand names suchs Pyrel and Ridsect
A long list of other coffee brands such as Bravo, Maison du Cafe, Natrena, and many more

Hills Bros
instant cappuccino, canned coffee, and loads of gear
Chase & Sanborn (strangely, I couldn’t find a website for this classic brand – has it been killed?)
Chock full ‘o Nuts decaf, flavored, “bricks”, and more coffee related stuff


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