Coffee, Kids & Health

SpavaThe Washington Post reports today that Houston-based Voyava Republic Corp. has teamed up with the La Selva coffee growers cooperative to give organic coffee fortified with folic acid to kids and women as a health supplement in Chiapas, Mexico.

According to the Post article, studies have linked coffee drinking in adults with reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease (for men) and Alzheimer’s. But detractors of the coffee-for-kids plan argue that mugs of black-buzz are not the right way to deliver nutritional supplements to kids.

According to officials from Voyava and La Selva, most of the kids in Chiapas already drink coffee, so using coffee is an appropriate way to improve their health, particularly in this way, which will help address the common problem of anemia. Jose Juarez, La Selva’s director, says “We don’t want to saturate them with coffee. One 150-200 milliliter cup a day is more than sufficient to give them the nutrients they need.”

Voyava already markets an extensive line of fortified coffees in the U.S. under the “Spava” brand name, including blends marketed as enhancing “Clarity, Immunity, Flexibility, Metabolism, and Calm.” According to their website, all the coffees are USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified.


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