How to Find Independent Coffee Shops: “Delocate”

Posted by Chris O’Brien

When I travel, my mission is to visit every brewpub within striking distance. For coffee though, I always make do with whatever coffee is provided in the hotel room. It is never very good and it is never organic, fair trade or from a small business. But hey, it’s free.

DelocatorNow it’s getting easier to find local, independent coffee shops though, so I might have to start venturing out of the hotel room early enough to sample some black gold from a local cafe or roaster before my business meetings get started.

Here’s how you do it: just visit the Delocator. Enter in the zip code of the area where you want to find a local cafe and it spits out a user-generated list with addresses, phone numbers and web links to all the independent cafes in the neighborhood.

Here’s the purpose of the tool, according to the Delocator website:

Corporate industries invading American neighborhoods, from coffee chains to bookstore chains, music chains and movie theatre chains, pose a threat to the authenticity of our unique neighborhoods. Although there is room on the map for shared territories – both the homogenous corporate enterprise and the independent ventures across the nation, our independent, community-operated businesses deserve your dime.

And it’s true. They do deserve your dime because on average they return that dime to the neighborhood at much higher rates than do corporate chains. I wrote an article about this for American Brewer magazine, right here.

So get out of the house (or hotel room) a little more often and support your locally-owned coffee shop. And don’t forget to ask them for organic, fair trade coffee.


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