Climate Change Score Card for Coffee Companies

My colleagues at Climate Counts have rated the big food products companies and food service providers, including many companies providing coffee, on how well they are addressing their impact on global warming.

The scorecard covers four areas: 1) whether the company has conducted a review of their own contributions to warming; 2) what they’ve done to reduce their impact; 3) whether they have a helpful policy stance on climate change; and 4) whether they report to the public on their impact and initiatives.

food scorecard
Scorecard for food service

Sometime, we’ll do a blog post that shows the company-brand ownership structure of the major coffee companies so you can tell which big name corporation (like some of the above) goes with which coffee brand.


One Response to Climate Change Score Card for Coffee Companies

  1. […] a blog promoting sustainable development and climate issues. In this respect I find the post about Climate Change Score Card particularly interesting in consumer consciousness point of view. Each of the major multinationals […]

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